Friday, February 26, 2010

Contact Lenses for Surfing

Contact lenses for surfing and water sports have come a long way over the last several years. Regardless of how high a person's prescription is, it is probably possible to construct a soft contact lens for that person to use in water sports. Most prescriptions can be formulated in a disposable contact lens prescription. Those that cannot are still availble in a custom form that is compatible with water sports. It is possible to construct a lens that is larger than normal for water sports. This allows the lens edges to tuck up under the eyelids creating a more stable lens design.

While it is still possible for a surfer to have a big wipe out and occasionally lose a lens, this is the exception rather than the rule when contact lenses are used for surfing. If a lens is lost, it is usually on just one side. This allows usable vision to return to shore and either get another lens or call it a day. There are also certain disposable lens designs that are bigger than average and lend themselves to water sports.

There is another alternative to vision correction that can work quite well for patients that have a correction up to -5.00 and even higher. This is known as "orthokeratology". In orhtokeratology, special rigid contact lenses are applied to the eyes to be worn at night (although they can be used during the day as well)and the lenses reshape the cornea to the point that the vision is good enough to be able to function in the water (and during the day in normal activities)so that no contact lenses are required after the lenses are removed from the eyes. This is an obvious benefit for surfing as it eliminates the contact lens loss factor.

The best way for interested surfers to explore these contact lens possibilities is to visit an eye doctor that has experience in fitting custom contact lenses. If the reader of this blog has any questions regarding these options I am willing to discuss them on an individual basis. My email is:

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