Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post Surgical Contact Lens Fitting

Post surgical contact lens fitting can apply to a number of different situations: 1. There was a trauma to the eye that required surgery to the cornea requiring custom contact lens fitting to provide the best vision for the patient. 2. The patient had a corneal disease such as keratoconus) that required a corneal transplant and thereafter contact lenses needed to be fitted to obtain the best possible vision. 3. The patient had refractive surgery with an unsatisfactory outcome. To provide the patient with the best possible vision, contact lenses need to be fitted. This can apply to both Lasik and Radial Keratotomy.

Post surgical contact lens fitting is probably the most complicated form of contact lens fitting. In many cases the cornea is so irregular that traditional contact lenses cannot be used. Doctors use custom types of contact lenses that are typically larger than most contact lens designs. While most patients that wear traditional contact lenses often wear soft contact lenses, the majority of lenses prescribed for post surgical applications are made with rigid polymers or from special hybrid designs that incorporate both rigid and soft materials in the product. It is important that the doctor has a variety of different fitting sets and materials on hand so the best possible fit can be achieved. In the case of fitting these products, the patient needs to understand that the fitting is a process. It often takes many visits over a period of time to come up with the best product for the individual patient.

Once fitted these contact lenses often allow patients to again have very good usable and sometimes excellent vision. This allows them to return to doing normal activities that were difficult and often impossible prior to the fitting of the lenses. If you have any questions about custom contact lens fitting for post surgical corneas, please email me at

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