Friday, October 4, 2013

Back to school again!

It's that time of year when the kids head back to school.  After the long days of summer this portends a change in the weather as things cool down and winter approaches.  It is also an opportunity to revisit our children's vision and to make sure that they are ready for the new school year.  The prescription for eyeglasses for children can sometimes change significantly in only one year.  This is because they are growing and as they grow their prescription may need regular updating.  The best way to ensure that they are seeing properly is to schedule a comprehensive eye examination for them so they can start the new school year seeing as clearly as possible.  If they cannot see the "board" clearly they are likely to misinterpret a teacher's instructions.  If they have a significant amount of astigmatism they may develop reading difficulties.  The same goes for untreated near vision problems when the child is farsighted, especially when combined with astigmatism.

In earlier comments on this blog I have discussed options that are available for children's vision care.  This can range from eyeglasses to contact lenses to special therapeutic contact lenses that can actually control myopia by reshaping the cornea. The world of children's eyeglasses has expanded so much that kids now want to wear the latest frames even if they have a mild prescription.  The attitude about wearing a vision correction has dramatically changed over the years.  It is not uncommon for a parent to bring in a child for a vision wellness exam, and upon finding out that the child has normal vision and does not require eyeglasses the child will actually beg for glasses.  This is because of how popular the wearing of glasses has become. This never used to happen years ago.

In addition to using eyeglasses to correct and treat many different vision conditions, often eye exercises can be beneficial for children.  The exercises, when appropriate, can strengthen the extra-ocular muscles and make it easier for children to read in comfort for extended periods of time. Eye exercises can also be helpful for sports.

I recommend you use this time of the year to get your kids into their eye doctor for an eye exam and make sure they can visually do their best in the up and coming new school year.  Both you and your child will be happy with the decision.

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